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Hypnosis is a tool that can be used in many ways. Some people simply use it to make suggestions to the client about feeling better etc. While I may do that if needed, I also do a kind of hypnotherapy in which I take you to a deeper level of consciousness, where the activity of the mind is distant and less compelling. Then I can talk to the “you” that has an intuitive understanding of things, including whatever problems you are dealing with. I can support and guide you in recognizing and experiencing deep feelings that you had pushed aside. I can also encourage you to connect with your own inner wisdom that is your best guide.

Some people have spontaneous images or symbols of what they need to see and understand. Others go to memories of situations that are unresolved and are still affecting them negatively. In spontaneously processing and releasing these, they feel freer and more grounded. Physical symptoms can lessen or even clear up. My role is as a facilitator, empowering the innate healing intelligence to function effectively.