What I offer you

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, and I integrate the spiritual wisdom of the East into the contemporary psychology of the West. I also have training in health psychology with focus on the mind-body connection. So I can offer an approach to healing that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. This form of spiritually-based psychotherapy moves you to wholeness and allows deep healing and transformation.

“Do not be this or that. Just be.”Ramana Maharshi

Even as we address the emotional issue, life crisis, or other problem that brought you to therapy, we invite a deeper shift to take place. You become aware of how your sense of yourself has been limited and defined by unconscious beliefs. And you start to access the wisdom and strength of your true self, which is beyond all roles and identities. A compassionate self-acceptance and a greater connectedness with others arises naturally from this inner shift. Then your perspective of problematical situations undergoes a shift as well. For those who want to explore the deeper truth of our being, and how to live in a way that aligns us with that, I combine non-duality with psychotherapy.

Areas of Specialization

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and PTSD, Relationships, Life transitions (marriage, divorce, aging, death, other), Grief and loss counseling, Personal growth, Spiritual issues

How I work with you

The Sanskrit word for heart is hridayam, which means the center of your being. When we are grounded in this place of profound joy and love, we can express our true power in all that we do. I use many tools and methods to open you to your heart’s wisdom, and to gain insight into beliefs and attitudes that form barriers to it. These include being fully present in the moment without judgment, noticing thoughts and feelings instead of letting them take over, tuning into an intuitive knowing, and accessing an inner joy and peace that does not depend on outside circumstances.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”Rumi

This work goes beyond the usual mindfulness therapies by helping you to ground yourself in a greater self-acceptance so that your perception is not distorted by guilt, shame, and other self-judgment. Other methods help you to become aware of how your emotions and thoughts are creating imbalance and disharmony in your body, and to let go of habitual patterns. Based on your issues and unique needs, I also design exercises including meditations for you to do between sessions.

Psychotherapy approaches

Transpersonal, Humanistic, Yoga psychology, Nondual therapy, Health psychology

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A partnership

For this kind of deep healing to take place, a strong therapeutic relationship is essential. It is important to me that you feel you are being valued as you are, and that you can trust me to be fully present with you, to truly see and hear and understand you. You need to develop a trust that I am making as deep a commitment to your healing as you are, that you can trust me as a guide and teacher in your process. I will be asking you to become aware of beliefs and attitudes that are contributing to unhealthy behavior patterns. You can only do this when you feel acceptance and compassion from me.

“In working with Devika, I felt seen for who I really am, for my authentic self. She held me responsible to my true being, so I didn’t falter.” — Mindy F.