“Devika’s approach to psychology is very modern and from thousands of years ago at the same time. She is filled with different cultures and knowledge, and always has a tool that corresponds to one’s needs. She helped me grow and expand.

She is very caring & loving. You feel secure to open your heart, be present & true which is I believe the key to evolution.

She literally helped transform my life. I would say she was more than a therapist, she was a spiritual guide.

– Jordane C.

“In working with Devika, I felt seen for who I really am, for my authentic self. She held me responsible to my true being, so I didn’t falter.

Whatever I was going through, Devika was able to take deep spiritual teachings and show me how to apply them. She can hear beyond something that seems so confusing and complex in someone’s head, and comes up with a phrase with a deep spiritual meaning that brings an awareness of the truth of the situation. It gives clarity and guides you through life’s challenges, showing you how to be in alignment with your true self.

I felt that her ability to bridge the two words (spiritual and day to day life) is driven by her love for helping others.

– Mindy F.

“I wouldn’t be who I am, where I am, and how I am today if it wasn’t for Devika’s guidance and love.”

– Victoria K.

“For some years, I was in and out of therapy, but finally with the help of Dr. Devika Singh I was able to find the proper guidance to return to my authentic self – which, of course, connected me to my power.

Devika works with love and compassion while being a strong, intelligent witness. I always had a loving heart, and Devika helped me unwind from the need to “do good” which was a burden and created much struggle in my life. I was able to find peace in the mere beingness of goodness.

Devika is very smart; she is able to contain and is trustworthy. With her I found a safe place in which I could deconstruct my unconscious identification with my personality, which was partially formed on my defense mechanisms and my need to survive. She helped me return to my self, not to what I was but to who I am.

– Lindsay F.

“The spiritual wisdom that Devika teaches tweaked my deeply-rooted academic thinking, bringing me to a deeper level of awareness. It has shifted the way I deal with challenges. In the past, I would analyze challenges as they arose. Now I’m able to view situations and myself (and others’ and my shortcomings) with compassion and forgiveness. That is a huge relief, and reaps positive benefits (I can step aside and view the challenges as revealing issues for me to learn from).

This approach (combining ancient wisdom with contemporary psychology) has truly enhanced the quality of my life on a daily basis, and has changed my attitude in personal and professional relationships. I have a greater sense of peace and honesty about being ‘human’.” There has been a positive shift in how I am able to live my life and enjoy each day, in spite of the drama that is going on around me.

It’s a very big deal.

– Marcia M.

“Dr. Devika is a wonderful therapist – sharp, astute and caring. She is very grounded in the Vedic philosophy and is great at applying that ancient wisdom to the problems and issues of everyday modern life. I have meditated for years and followed a spiritual practice, so her approach really spoke to me. Over the course of our therapy I was able to look at my current situation with new eyes, a deeper insight. Although outer circumstances were very stressful, I felt a new calm inside that helped me through. Devika has a wonderful, calming energy herself which put me immediately at ease. Her gentle approach has resulted in helping me feeling happier overall and better equipped to meet future challenges. Her words of wisdom resonate with me every day. I highly recommend her.”

– Rob

“Thank you for changing my life.”

– Anna H.

“I’m so grateful to you – the things you say are just so good and they help me so much. I’ve seen therapists and they just validate my feelings, and that essentially validates my stories. And that doesn’t get me anywhere. I really need someone who tells me the truth – that I feel sorry for myself because I’m attached to my story.

That appeals to me. That makes so much sense to me. I appreciate that you are strong and you care so much. The work I did with you was so helpful in my life. You made a great impact on my life.”

– Stephanie K.

“Devika offers a wonderful gift of guided self-exploration and understanding, influenced by spiritual teachings.

She makes it possible to change your life in very revolutionary and meaningful ways – and accomplishes this with a gentle guiding hand.

The journey becomes whatever you want to make of it – looking at the areas of your life where you desire to insert additional “movement” and self-awareness.

She can help a person to actually get out of his or her own way – to realize true potential and a greater good.

Bad mental habits can lift. Solid coping mechanisms for trying times can materialize. You see ways to live your life that are happier and more peaceful.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Devika Singh!

– Christine F.

“Our work this year has been game changing. I am so grateful for you and all that you are.”

– Rha G.

“Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. This is a pivotal time in my life and formerly I was not able to even conceive it. The shift is amazing. I now realize this is what I have been striving for since as early as I can remember in childhood, but was not able to clarify it. This is powerful! I cannot thank you enough for opening those doors and showing me the way.”

– Jeanette A.